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Are there any conditions or liabilities about shipping I should know about?Updated 9 months ago

Once your shipment is dispatched and the tracking information has been emailed to you, it's essential to monitor your package's delivery status closely. This vigilance can help in preventing unforeseen delivery issues, such as lost or stolen packages. Please understand that after we hand your package over to the carrier, we no longer have control over its delivery process. 

For your security and satisfaction, it's crucial to be aware that once a carrier marks an item as delivered, we cannot facilitate a reshipment or refund for orders that are lost or stolen post-delivery. We strongly advise you to closely monitor your order using the provided tracking information. Also, please ensure your phone is accessible during the expected delivery time to allow prompt communication with the shipping carrier, should they need to contact you.

PaliRoots cannot refund or replace packages that are lost or stolen after confirmed delivery. Delivery estimates might also change due to modifications from the customer or unexpected courier delays. Additionally, PaliRoots is not responsible for any international duty and tax charges.

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