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What's the story behind PaliRoots' mission and values?

Founded in 2016, PaliRoots aims to raise awareness about Palestinian culture, fostering unity and understanding through our products and stories. We are not just a brand, it's a heartfelt invitation to delve into, celebrate, and broadcast the Palesti

What is a PaliRooter?

We are doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, comedians, businessmen/women, students, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and refugees. We are a family! We are people of all nationalities and ethnicities, all with one common goal - to radiate love an

What makes PaliRoots products distinct?

Our products are more than just a product. Each item serves as a canvas telling tales of our homeland. From the symbolic olive trees to ancient cityscapes, our merchandise not only celebrates our cultural history but also stands for resilience, hope,

Are PaliRoots products ethically made?

Absolutely. We ensure ethical production and often source fair-trade items, standing by our Palestinian Hospitality Guarantee.

How should I care for my PaliRoots merch to ensure longevity?

Treat them with love! Always follow the care instructions on the label, typically recommending gentle wash and air drying.

How can I best care for my PaliRoots merch to keep it looking new?

Treating your PaliRoots items with care ensures longevity. Always refer to the care labels, wash garments inside out in cold water, and consider air drying for optimal fabric preservation. Avoid harsh chemicals and ensure that you iron inside out, av

How can I use the size guide to find my best fit?

We've dedicated ourselves to inclusivity, making sure our product accommodates everyone in our community. For precise measurements:. Chest: Measure across the fullest part. Length: Start from the collar's highest point to the hem. Sleeve: Measure fro

What if I'm unsure about the size to choose for a certain PaliRoots product?

We're here to help. Besides our general Size Guide, each product page has a dedicated size chart to assist you. By following our measuring tips and keeping in mind your comfort preferences, you'll find the perfect fit.

Can I trust the quality and durability of PaliRoots merch?

Without a doubt. Beyond the meaningful designs, we place a premium on quality. By sourcing high-grade materials, we guarantee that every product is a blend of lasting durability and cultural authenticity.

How does purchasing PaliRoots support humanitarian causes?

With every purchase, you're not just buying an item; you're making a statement and contributing to a cause. A portion of our profits goes directly to supporting humanitarian initiatives, ensuring that our community's spirit of giving and solidarity c

I have a specific design in mind. Can I know who's behind the PaliRoots designs?

All PaliRoots products are meticulously crafted, with our Co-founder, Aminah, leading as our main designer. She, along with our passionate team, ensures every design authentically reflects our shared history, hopes, and aspirations. If you have a spe

I received my order, but it feels a bit tight. Will it loosen after washing?

Our products are made with pre-shrunk cotton, ensuring minimal adjustments after a wash. For the best fit, we recommend referencing the "Size Guide" on the product page and adhering to our care instructions to maintain the garment's premium quality.F

Are there any limited edition or special collections available at PaliRoots?

Yes, from time to time, we release limited edition collections or special items that celebrate particular events or themes related to our heritage. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media to stay updated on our late

I'm looking for gifts. Do you have any products that would make good presents?

Absolutely! PaliRoots products are more than just items; they are thoughtful expressions of shared roots and heritage. From apparel to accessories, each product tells a meaningful story, making them exceptional gifts for loved ones. To enhance your g

Do you have a specific collection dedicated to the heritage and history of Palestine?

Absolutely! Many of our products draw inspiration directly from the rich history and vibrant culture of Palestine. From designs depicting the olive trees of Palestine to ancient cityscapes, we celebrate stories of resilience, hope, and pride through

Where can I read stories and experiences from the PaliRoots community?

Dive into our blog! It's a tapestry of tales, memories, and insights from our vibrant community.

Can you tell me more about the Palestine Travel Series?

Of course! Our Palestine Travel Series is a heartfelt journey into the heart of Palestine. It offers a unique glimpse into its rich culture, historical landmarks, and the daily lives of its people. If you're curious about the Palestinian experience o

Do I have to be Palestinian to support PaliRoots?

Of course not! PaliRoots community is a world community. We welcome every gender, race, religion, or ethnicity to our community. We would love to have you become a PaliRooter!

Where is PaliRoots located?

Our headquarters is located in sunny San Diego. Our warehouse is located in Dallas, Texas central to the US to ensure our PaliRooters get their goodies as fast as possible.

How can I contact customer service for additional questions?

Feel free to drop us a message at [email protected] or use the contact form on our website. We're here to help!