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What will happen if I accidentally put the wrong shipping address?Updated 10 months ago

First, take a deep breath! If your order hasn't been shipped yet, contact our PaliRoots Support immediately. We'll do our best to adjust the shipping address for you. However, once an order has been fulfilled and is on its way, we're unable to redirect it. In such a scenario, we suggest reaching out to anyone who might be present at the address you provided to accept the delivery on your behalf. 

If the incorrect address leads to a return of the item to our facility, it will be safely held for you. However, please note that any additional shipping costs incurred will be your responsibility. It's essential to double-check your order details prior to finalizing to avoid such mishaps. Regrettably, we cannot reship lost packages. We strive to provide a seamless shopping experience and want to ensure you don't face such hiccups in the future.

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